Imagine this, You take a wild animal, put it in a cage, give food at regular intervals, train it with a routine. You do this for some years. The creature loses all interest to go out and search food, adapt to changes in the complex environment. It just follows a trained pattern. What’s happening to our children in school is no different from the above animal.

Now Imagine this, if our children in school years get a chance to visit different work environments, manufacturing units, design studios, press clubs, government offices, meets different professional/trade persons, works with a lot of people, creates products that will be used in real life by someone else.

Children get exposure to vast variety fields in the young years in GreenValley International School as part of their academic program and they get passionate about something in life. Passionate children never get bored, and they work with purpose to achieve success in life. They become leaders and innovators, and they end up changing the world.

Watch the video explaining how our curriculum and methodologies help children to discover their passion.

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